Project Updates.

So I’ve been refining the idea behind this new app. And I’ve also been exploring other alternatives. Right now my workflow has been like this:

  • Clone the Repo
  • Open the folder with VS code. Make Changes
  • Commit Changes and sync them up.

This works while I am at my desktop, but what I want is a mobile way to accomplish the same thing. Enter Markdown Editor Apps. I have been experimenting with Jotter and iA Writer. They both are able to edit markdown files, and access online storage like google driver or dropbox. So using these I’ve been able to get almost my entire workflow.

  • Clone the repo into Google Drive
  • Open the folder in iA Writer or Jotter
  • Make changes
  • Open the repo with sourcetree, commit and sync.

The hitch still in all of this is the need to still use the desktop to sync the changes. So while all of my changes are saved in google docs, I still need to return to my desktop to make the git commits.

Here is where my new app idea WritingGit comes into play. My goal is to build an app for Android (to start with, since I am an android user.) that has the functionality of a note taking app, that specifically uses Git as it’s back end. Sort of like an app version of

So right now, the challenges I am facing are to find a good git library that can be used cross platform. I have been using libgit2sharp but I have run into a bit of a wall getting it to work with Android. But I am still pressing forward with UWP to find the feasibility of this idea.

But other than that, it’s been going well when I get the time to work on it. I’ve figured out cloning, committing, and pushing. So the basics are down for the git part. Now I just am figuring out Xamarin.

More updates later!